Pipette Training for Optimised Performance

Master Your Performance with the Sartorius Pipetting Academy™ Advanced Seminars delivered by Alpha Laboratories.

Sartorius Pipetting Academy™, delivered by Alpha Laboratories, is an ISO13485 accredited training programme aimed at helping your employees to:

  • Gain the pipetting knowledge and skills necessary to master their tasks by meeting quality requirements
  • Use liquid handling instruments in an efficient way
  • Improve health, safety and performance in the laboratory

A pipette’s performance is heavily dependent on the skill and expertise of the operator so incorrect handling can compromise the quality of results and cause repetitive strain injuries.

Pipetting Academy Advanced Seminars offer a comprehensive solution tailored to the requirements of your laboratory.

Benefits of Pipetting Academy

  • Seminars are held on-site at your company premises at a time and venue which is convenient to you.
  • The trainers are Alpha and Sartorius certified specialists with a wealth of experience in liquid handling.
  • Build your own seminar by choosing only the modules you require.
  • Participate in hands-on sessions structured around your unique requirements.
  • Receive module handouts at the end of each Academy.
  • Receive access to our on-line support site with a wide range of educational videos and presentations to remind you of the essential points of the training.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of training for the sessions they attend.
  • An academy made up of 2 or more modules can be accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The CPD Creditation Quick Reference Guide provides guidelines on how to apply for this.
  • Each participant will have a one-to-one session with the trainer during which their pipetting skills will be assessed for accuracy and precision, and they can ask any questions they may have.

The following Advanced modules can be combined to create the perfect learning experience for your laboratory:

Pipette Training for Optimised Performance
Module I: Advanced Pipetting Techniques

The principles of pipetting and the importance of accuracy and precision per ISO 8655 are discussed. Correct pipetting techniques and factors affecting pipetting results are also covered.

Pipette Training for Optimised Performance
Module II: Pipette Service

This module covers international standards and regulations for pipette calibration. Maintenance, Calibration and Checking are defined and demonstrated.

Pipette Training for Optimised Performance
Module III: Advanced Ergonomics

The importance of good Ergonomics and how this impacts the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders is discussed. The module ends with stretches and exercises to help relieve tension in the lab.

Pipette Training for Optimised Performance
Module IV: Cell Culture Techniques

Sources of contamination in the lab are examined. Endotoxins, leachables and extractables commonly found in plastic consumables are also highlighted. Good pipetting techniques and good laboratory design are encouraged.

How to Arrange Your Pipetting Academy Seminar 

All you need is a group of 10 or more colleagues who are interested in attending. You can either complete the on-line form at www.alphalabs.co.uk/pipetting-academy

Or contact your local Alpha Laboratories Key Account Manager to discuss your needs and make the arrangements. 

Find your local Account Manager at www.alphalabs.co.uk/kam