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The BÜHLMANN Gangliocombi™ MAG ELISA combines testing for both anti-MAG and anti-ganglioside antibodies, including the anti-GM1 antibody, at the same time. Find out more online:

Determining the presence of anti-MAG antibodies in some #CIDP variants is vital as high titres of these antibodies would imply a different #diagnosis.

The latest guidelines for CIDP diagnosis recommends the #BÜHLMANN anti-MAG #Autoantibodies ELISA:

New Guidelines for Diagnosis of CIDP Released

The guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of #CIDP have recently been reviewed by Van den Bergh et al. and recommend the use of the #BÜHLMANN anti-MAG Autoantibodies ELISA:

Controlled Drug Denature Kits from @SaferOptionsUK are simple and easy for #pharmacists to use to manage waste #medicines and comply with Legislation. A broad range of kit options and sizes are available to suit different workplace demands. 

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#saferdestruct24 kits are designed to #destroy #controlled #drugs not the planet, manufactured in the UK from locally sourced components to improve #sustainability.
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