Choosing the Right Pipette Service and Calibration

As the demand for improved accuracy of your laboratory data steadily rises, it is imperative that measuring instruments consistently deliver precise, reliable and traceable results of the highest quality. This is ensured by calibrating your instruments at regular intervals.

Alpha Service draws on Sartorius' quality calibration expertise, that is internationally recognised, and our combined scope of knowledge expands beyond our own range of instruments. We directly provide all calibration needs, including other manufacturers’ brand equipment.

Alpha Service and Calibration can be carried out by a Sartorius Service Technician at your premises or you can opt to post your pipettes into the dedicated service and calibration laboratory.

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On-site Pipette Service
On-site Pipette Service Clinics
  • Guarantees the fastest possible turnaround, especially advantageous if you use your pipettes daily
  • A dedicated team of specially trained field service technicians are available across the United Kingdom
  • All the service technicians carry state of the art calibration equipment employing the latest technologies, including proprietary software that delivers reliable results
  • Minimum of 15 single channels OR 5 multichannels required for on-site clinic
Mail-in Pipette Service
Mail-in Service and Calibration Laboratory
  • Specially trained service technicians work together to provide expert technical advice and ensure the best calibration results
  • Service is carried out in the most advanced calibration laboratory, explicitly designed and built for the purpose of calibration and adjustment
  • Proprietary software is used that consistently delivers reliable results
1. Service Levels Explained

The work you perform determines which service and calibration level is required for your environment.

There are two different service levels to choose from, these are available for both single and multichannel, electronic and mechanical pipettes, as well as dispensers.


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2. Calibration Levels Explained

Calibration levels are derived from a number of gravimetric weighings taken at different volumes. For variable volume pipettes it is recommended that weighings be taken at the nominal (maximum) volume, the mid-point (50% of nominal) and the minimum volume (10% of nominal). Weighings can also be taken at the maximum and minimum volumes only, or even at just the mid-point volume. For fixed volume pipettes, weighings can only be taken at the fixed volume.

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