Secura® Balances

Calibrate your pipettes quickly and accurately at any time with Secura® semi-micro balances. They provide convenient access to the weighing chamber, both from the front and from the side. Used together with a specially matched pipette calibration kit, these balances make calibration of your pipettes as easy as 1-2-3.

Intuitive Operation

  • The Start Assistant function and SmartTouch user interface enables operation of the balance straight away and makes you feel right at ease using all the functions available.
  • Both the convenient operating design with its easy-to-understand menu structure and the ergonomic balance design has already won several awards.
  • These features will significantly help accelerate your workflows right from the start for error-free results.

Best Results Delivered

  • Quickly and easily transfer, evaluate, further process or save and document weighing results in perfect compliance with legal requirements – just by using Plug & Play technology, without needing any extra software or complicated settings.
  • In this way, you can unlock the full potential of your lab data and reliably save it. As a result, you will have more time for new, intriguing analytical procedures, while being on the safe side.

Integrated Applications

  • Built-in standard applications let you instantly extend the options for using the balance, turning special, often complicated, lab tasks into efficient routines.
  • These applications are set up for intuitive use, guiding you in simple steps throughout each of your workflows.
  • This will save you valuable time and increase the reliability of your results.

Buy the Secura Balance Online:

Product Code Description
SECURA124-1S Analytical Balance with Maximum Capacity 120g and Readability 0.1mg, Manual Draft Shield Buy Now
SECURA125-1S Semi-Micro Balance with Maximum Capacity 120g and Readability 0.01mg, Manual Draft Shield Buy Now
SECURA224-1S Analytical Balance with Maximum Capacity 220g and Readability 0.1mg, Manual Draft Shield Buy Now
SECURA225D-1S Semi-Micro Dual Range Balance with Maximum Capacity 120g/220g and Readability 0.01mg/0.1mg, Manual Draft Shield Buy Now