Which Instruments Do We Support?

The Alpha Lab Service team provides expert support, maintenance and repair for the diagnostic equipment purchased from Alpha Laboratories. This includes the HM-JACKarc FIT Analyser, Dynex™ DS2 ELISA processor and PAP-8E platelet aggregometer. The information below details these instruments.

HM-JACKarc Analyser – Fully Automated Faecal Immunochemical Testing

The HM-JACKarc analyser is a compact bench top system that uses Integrated Sphere Turbidimetry to measure faecal haemoglobin concentration. It uses a highly sensitive latex reagent coated with polyclonal antibodies, specific to human haemoglobin.

The instrument has innovative software with touch-screen technology, providing an easy to use interface, even when wearing gloves. There is minimal depth to the programme menus, ensuring quick access to operating screens. The straight-forward software requires minimal training and can be used by all levels of laboratory personnel. Different levels of “user access authority” provide additional security, preventing unauthorised or accidental setting changes.

HM-JACKarc has been designed to provide the users with high throughput test results, with maximised walk away time. With a time to first result of just 5.6 minutes, additional results every 18 seconds, and a throughput of 200 samples per hour, the analyser is capable of coping with both small daily runs, and larger batched runs.

The technology and software ensure that the system can be used in screening or symptomatic services, since cut-off levels can be selected depending upon requirements.

Key features of HM-JACKarc FIT System:

• Dedicated bench-top analyser
• Highly sensitive integrated spherical turbidimetry
• Limit of Detection: 2.0 µg Hb / g faeces
• Limit of Quantitation: 7.0 µg Hb / g faeces
• Factory set Master curve with local 2-point re-calibration
• Calibrates system to local conditions and reagent combinations
• Calibration weekly
• Definable cut-offs for different applications
• No prozone effect up to 200,000 ng/mL
• High Throughput: 200 samples/hour
• Time to first result: 5.6 minutes
• Additional results every 18 seconds


Dynex™ DS2 – Automated ELISA Processor

Dynex™ is a leading manufacturer of microplate instrumentation, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully-automated sample handling, consumables and accessories. Installed in over 3,500 labs worldwide, the DS2 is the solution for the rigorous, repeatable analyses required in critical applications including immunology, infectious disease, hormone, allergy, blood-chemistry, drugs-of-abuse testing, food safety, forensics, and environmental testing among others.

The innovative DS2® is designed for clinical, research and industrial labs that want to enhance their processes through automation, but might not have the volume requirements to justify the investment in a larger system.

Designed with full walkaway capability, the DS2® quickly and easily processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously. The system also features a user-friendly control system, chain of custody management and on-board instrument diagnostics. The DS2® delivers sample-in/results-out automation of microplate assays:

• Sample dilution and distribution
• Incubation, washing and reagent dispensing
• Reading with automatic data reduction and quality control
• Automatic barcode scanning

The flexible, open system design of the CE-marked DS2® is ideal for virtually any ELISA application, from clinical diagnostics, such as autoimmune and infectious disease to food safety and drugs of abuse testing. The system uses a multi-function robot arm that does everything from pipetting to operating the barcode reader. In addition, the vertical design and patented multi-plate carrier save space, enabling a minimal footprint, with maximum consumable storage.


PAP-8E – Platelet Aggregation Profiler

The PAP-8E from Bio/Data Corporation is the world’s most advanced aggregometer for laboratory applications. Exceptional ease-of-use, walk-away operation and standardised test procedures allow for rapid and routine testing of platelet function. The PAP-8E is designed to support diagnoses of haemostasis disorders including von Willebrand Disease (vWD), Glanzmann’s disease, HIT, Bernard Soulier Syndrome, and Sticky Platelet Syndrome as well as to precisely monitor the use of anti-platelet drugs during clinical trials or patient therapy.

The Platelet Aggregation Profiler, PAP-8E, is intended for use in clinical, research, university, biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories. The system measures the rate and extent of aggregation, agglutination, activation and inhibition reactions. Comprehensive results include area under the curve and area under the slope.