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Pyrogens, including #bacterialendotoxins, elicit a strong immune response. It's essential they are detected & removed from pharmaceutical products, biologicals for injection, medical devices, & media for tissue cultures. View our range for pyrogen testing:

Nucleic Acid BCT™ from @streckllc is a direct draw venous whole #bloodcollection device that maintains draw-time concentrations of #cell-freeRNA, #extracellularvesicles and #cell-freeDNA for up to 7 days when stored at room temperature. Find out more:

BAMBANKER™ is a serum-free medium, that enables immediate freezing at -80C, for cryogenic storage of your valuable cell cultures:
- Cryoprotective ensuring maximum yield recovery
- Free from mycoplasma, endotoxin, fungi and bacteria
- Ready to use medium

Exosomes play a vital role in many biological & pathological processes & once purified, can be subjected to further analysis, investigating vesicle contents or surface markers. Help is available to get you on the EV research road, contact us today or visit

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